IARNA 2016 Conference Speakers

Opening welcome speech.

Clodagh Wogan Chairperson and Conference Co-ordinator 2016 of The IARNA Association.

Ms Catherine McGauran

Read Ms Catherine McGauran's Powerpoint Presentation

Dr Ellen O'Sullivan.

Read Ms. Ann Marie Barnes Powerpoint Presentation

Ms Ann Marie Barnes

Read Ms. Ann Marie Barnes Powerpoint Presentation

Dr. Aravind Rathakrishnan

Read Dr. Rathakrishnan's Powerpoint Presentation

Ms Rosemary Clerkin

Read Ms Rosemary Clerkin's Powerpoint Presentation

Sharing Successful Practices

IARNA 2016 Workshop

Difficult Airway Adult

Obstetric Scenario

Fiberoptic Intubation

Can't Intubate can't Ventilate

Paediatric Scenario


Photos from the Event

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